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Old School…Recipes & Memories

We offer an assortment of donuts made fresh daily in our bakery, including yeast donuts, signature donut, danishes, fritters, and cake donuts – many using the original recipe from when the bakery opened in 1931.

Our most beloved product is our Chocolate Long John, also known as a lunch stick. It is a yeast donut we create from scratch each morning, topped with our homemade chocolate icing and filled with our buttercream filling.

Currently Serving

  • Yeast Donuts
  • Signature Donuts
  • Danishes
  • Fritters
  • Cake Donuts
dohnuts with sprinkles and frosting

Custom Donuts & Danishes

We also offer specialty donut creations, including an Oreo cookies n’ cream filled long John, maple bacon donut, Reece’s Puffs topped cake donut, Fruity Pebbles topped cake donut, and sour cream glazed donuts. Our bakery is also known to transform our traditional chocolate and vanilla long johns and custard filled donuts into seasonal shapes.

Dutchies are also found in our donut cases on Thursdays – a Canadian style donut containing raisins and coated with a delicious glaze. Seasonal flavors are also found in our cases for cake donuts, including chocolate covered cherry chip donuts and our cherry chip cake donut.

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